Our Experience

The Caddick Land mission is to deliver high quality, desirable and sustainable developments that provide long-term benefits and a positive legacy. Caddick seeks out land that is suitable for the development of housing, commercial property, mixed uses and renewable energy development.

The business operates a simple, transparent model that enables it to work with a range of projects from individual parcels to large, complex developments. The Caddick Group is well funded with a long track record of delivering successful high quality projects. We recognise the importance of a fair deal and our ethos is one of openness. For a project to work, everyone needs to feel like they are getting a fair and honest deal. That is the starting point for all our projects.

Yorkshire Employment Hub

Over 500 new homes and 4 million sq. ft. of prime logistics space

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Maltkiln Village

A new settlement of up to 3000 homes on a 300-acre site in North Yorkshire

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Midlands Employment Hub

A 462-acre logistics management site with autonomous business units

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Farington Park

612,500 sq. ft. of logistics space in Leyland, Lancashire

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A 10-acre site for residential development in Stilton, Huntingdonshire

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Temple Cloud

A 20-acre residential development in Bath & North East Somerset

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