Maltkiln Village

A new settlement of up to 3000 homes on a 300-acre site. Maltkiln Village will create a new community where people of all ages and backgrounds can have a home that meets their needs. A sustainable new village centred around the existing railway station at Cattal, Maltkiln will provide local amenities and facilities alongside the new homes, as well as extensive areas of open space and landscaping.


Maltkiln, our proposed new settlement, will offer its new community the benefits of both rural and urban living, as well as improving the range and accessibility of community, retail and leisure amenities for existing residents living in nearby villages.

Our design philosophy for Maltkiln will be governed by three pillars; Sustainable; Connected; and Community. Learn more below.



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Temple Cloud

A 20-acre site for delivery of 80 dwellings alongside significant new public open space, located to the south-east of the village of Temple Cloud.

Temple Cloud is a sustainable village located outside of the Green Belt within Bath & North East Somerset. It benefits from a good level of local facilities as well as a range of public transport options providing good links to Bath and beyond.

The site will deliver a range of residential dwellings, including a significant proportion of affordable housing, amongst an improved network of green infrastructure and pedestrian and cycle connections. This will provide ecological enhancement while providing safe routes to the existing playing fields, children’s play area, village hall and primary school.


Local plan promotion of an 8-acre site for a sensitively designed residential development to the south of Welland within the Malvern Hills District.

The site forms a natural extension to the south of the village with good access to facilities in its centre. Plans are being drawn up which show that the site can deliver up to 75 dwellings while carefully respecting the landscape context.


A 5-acre site in the heart of an attractive village, consented for 29 dwellings including 35% affordable housing.

Redevelopment of a brownfield area along with the neighbouring land has increased the amenity value of the area and provided much needed housing in a settlement which had seen little redevelopment in previous years. The edge of the development was planned to safeguard views from the nearby conservation area while the design of the new dwellings reflects the area’s architectural heritage.


Promotion of a 15-acre site to the north of Tingley for residential development, with a capacity of up to 175 dwellings.

The site is a logical location for greenbelt release being bound to the south and west by existing residential development and to the north and south by Thorpe Lane. The land is allocated as part of a larger site in the emerging Leeds Site Allocations Plan with an indicative capacity of 207 dwellings.


A 10-acre site in Stilton for residential development, with a capacity of up to 90 houses.

Stilton sits just 3 miles south of Peterborough and has an excellent range of facilities provided within the village. The development will support a number of existing facilities in the local area, alongside proposals to incorporate both private and public amenity space, and also an area of green space to the north of the site (where a play area will be provided).

The site is located with the built-up-area of the existing village, and will include up to 90 residential properties (of which 40% will be affordable dwellings). It is envisaged that the development will comprise of a mixture of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom accommodation. Each property will include a private garden and driveway with sufficient parking provision.

Selby SUE

A sustainable extension to Selby delivering up to 1,000 dwellings and a range of education, leisure and retail facilities

The site incorporates much needed housing along side a new employment park. Delivery of this will be enabled by significant infrastructure works (supported by a successful HIF application) including the implementation of a compressive flood management plan.


A 10-acre site consented at appeal for a development of 49 dwellings, including 35% affordable housing.

This settlement was located in a sustainable location for development, enabling a significant project to be undertaken in a constrained local authority. Plans were highly sensitive to the landscape context of the site, preserving key views and enhancing the site’s ecological value through use of open space and the delivery of a wildlife corridor.

High Cross

Development of up to 30 dwellings in the centre of a well-connected Hertfordshire village.

The site delivers high quality housing in the core of the village as well as providing significant surface water drainage improvements. Open space is incorporated as a key element of the design to aid drainage and respect the setting of key heritage assets.