A single 500kW EWT turbine

Located in Whittington near Worcester, this is a single 500kW EWT turbine. Operational since early 2016 it will generate clean energy into the national grid for 20 years.

This turbine is owned and operated by the Caddick Group.

500kW wind project near Stafford

A 500kW wind project near to Stafford. Constructed in December 2015, the project is accredited under the Feed in Tariff regime and will be operational for a minimum of 20 years.

Generating over 1MWh of clean energy annually, this machine is owned and operated by the Caddick Group.

15MW solar array

Located close to Uttoxeter, a large-scale field mounted solar array with 15MW of installed capacity. The scheme is accredited under ROCs and will provide enough energy to supply over 3,000 homes every year for 20 years plus.

This project was sourced, consented and sold by members of the Caddick Land team.

20MW 6 turbine scheme

Located close to the Elan Valley in Mid-Wales, this 6 turbine scheme was consented in Summer 2016. It is yet to be constructed, but once operational will have close to 20MW of installed capacity capable of generating enough energy to power over 7,000 homes.

The project was sourced and consented by members of the Caddick Land team and once constructed will be operated by a third-party fund.

4MW turbines

Members of the Caddick Land team have secured multiple consents for Feed in Tariff accredited single turbines across the East Yorkshire region. With a combined installed capacity of over 4MW, the turbines will generate enough clean energy to power well over 1,000 homes for the next 20 years.