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Caddick Land was established to help landowners realise the full potential of their land through development for housing, renewable energy and commercial or mixed use schemes. With over 30 years’ experience in development and construction, the Caddick Group possesses all of the necessary expertise and track record to deliver a successful outcome.

The business operates a simple, transparent model that enables it to work with a range of projects from individual parcels to large, complex developments.

The Caddick Group is well funded with a long track record of delivering successful high quality projects. We recognise the importance of a fair deal and our ethos is one of openness. For a project to work, everyone needs to feel like they are getting a fair and honest deal. That is the starting point for all our projects.




Land promotions are a partnership. We want all our partners to want to work with us time and time again and we strive to deliver a great project that everyone can be proud of every time. We share as much information about your project as you wish throughout the process and keep you updated on progress every step of the way. Your input to the project can be tailored to your requirements, but our goal is to ensure you have involvement in all the key decisions on the design and project scope.

The Caddick Land mission is to deliver high quality, desirable and sustainable developments that provide long-term benefits and a positive legacy.